We were called to look at two windows that were unable to be opened in Kingsway, Gloucester. We found that both windows had failed locking systems. The handles would turn as normal, but the full length locking system on the window that shoots a bolt top and bottom of the window sash were not unlocking. The gearbox part of the window mech had failed.

We replaced these with an identical lock, but under a different brand name. They now open and close / lock and unlock fine. It’s sometimes awkward unlocking these windows when the gearbox part that has the cog gearing in it fails as it doesn’t drive the locking system when broken. Both of these locking parts were broken very badly and stood no chance of opening the window by just turning the handle. We had to lift the shoot bolts that go in to the keep on the frame to open the window.

Once the vertical locking bars for the window had been attached to the new gearbox we adjusted the amount of movement the shoot bolts get when the handle is turned to lock and unlock the window. With this adjusted the windows locked and unlocked smoothly.

Failed window gearbox and the new replacement
Failed window gearboxes