Why Should I Have Anti-Snap Locks Installed?

22nd September 2020

anti-snap locks

Lock Snapping, What Is It?

Lock snapping is the most common form of entry techniques for burglars to get access to your home or business. It is simply, quick and almost silent. To gain entry by lock snapping the burglar will use a pair of mole grips or pliers to simply snack the barrel in the door, they can then remove the barrel and quickly gain access to the property. All this can be done in around 10-15 seconds.


How Do Anti-Snap Locks Work?

There are a range of manufacturers when it comes to anti-snap locks, some locks are more secure than others. A high security anti-snap cylinder has what is known as sacrificial lines, so when the burglar snaps the cylinder the ‘sacrificial’ part of the lock snaps off and leaves the lock in place and the door still locked. Some ant-snap locks then go into lockdown mode where the burglar is not able to manipulate the lock to break in. Ultion offers a £1000 guarantee whereby they will pay out £1000 to you if someone manages to break in by snapping the lock.


Do I Have Anti Snap Locks Fitted To My Home or Business?

Usually you cannot tell just from looking at a lock if it is an anti-snap lock or not, you would need to remove the lock from the door and check to see if it has snap-lines running down the middle of the cylinder or not. We would always advise against removing locks from your own door as you may damage something and have to have the lock replaced.


If you are keen to know whether you have anti-snap locks installed you can contact Locks and Keys today and we’ll come and do a free security survey for you to establish whether your locks are up to standard and advise you on where you can improve your home or business security. Not having a lock fitted properly is a high security risk, if the locks sticks out of the door even by a few milometers a burglar could potentially use a tool to pull the lock out, so always contact a professional.


What Anti-Snap Locks Are The Best?

It important that when choosing an anti-snap lock that you go for quality rather than cheap. Cheap locks are susceptible to break in and you might find that your home insurance company will not cover you in the event of a break in unless there are sufficient locks installed on the property. Good quality anti-snap locks will come with a British standards logo on them.


Anti-Snap Locks Recommended By Police

The Police recommend that you use a 3 star rating anti-snap lock when you are upgrading your cylinders. A Cylinder with a 3 star rating is the more secure cylinder and provides you with the maximum level of security for locks that are tested to TS 007 standards.


If you require a free home or business security survey, or would like to know more about our anti-snap lock installation services in Gloucester or any of the surrounding areas then please do not hesitate to contact Locks and Keys today on 01452 346474 for a free no obligation quotation.

For more information on our anti-snap lock installation services visit our anti-snap locks page.