When To Change External Door Locks?

24th February 2020

external door locks

When it comes to home security your external door locks play a vital role in defending against potential intruders, this is why it is incredibly important to ensure that your door locks are in good working order and as secure as they can be. If your lock is damaged, showing signs of wear or old then it is likely that your locks are due and upgrade. Our team at Locks & Keys have put together a guide on signs you should look out for that show your locks need changing or upgrading.

Signs Door Locks Need Replacing

Wear and Tear – Over time when things are frequently used, they often deteriorate and even break, this is much the case with your door locks. The high volume of usage a lock gets means that inevitably over time it is going to wear, this in turn compromises the overall strength of the lock leaving your home vulnerable. If you notice any signs of wear on your lock such as damage or rust, then it is definitely time to consider an upgrade.

Lost/Stolen Keys – This is one of the most common reasons why people call out a locksmith. When you’re locked out of your property most peoples main objective is just to simply gain entry to their property which any good local locksmith will be able to achieve quickly and without causing any damage, However there is also the issue of security to consider, if you have lost your keys and don’t think you will find them, or worse you feel they have been stolen then you should also consider having the locks changed. By changing the locks, you will be able to ensure that whoever has found or stolen your keys won’t be able to use them to gain entry to your property.

Moved Home – When you move into a new house it should always be a top priority to get the locks changed as soon as possible, this is because you cant be sure of how many keys to your new property are still in circulation from previous owners and what there intentions are to do with them. This also applies if someone moves out of your property such as a tenant or even a lodger.

Break-In – If your home has been broken into, then after the police have been to gather any evidence one of your top priorities should be getting your home secure once again. This may include boarding up windows and replacing damaged locks. You should also consider having the locks changed even if no damage was cause to your existing locks as you can never be sure if the intruder took or made a copy of a key to use at a later date. It is always worth getting advice from your local locksmith as to what you can do to better improve your security measures to help prevent future break-ins.

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