What Are Insurance Grade Locks? An Explanation.

21st April 2020

insurance grade locks

As a locksmith we get many questions about insurance grade locks and been getting more and more calls from customers that need their locks upgrading as their insurance provider have told them that their current locks do not meet their current minimum requirements in order for them to provide cover.

Insurers have minimum requirements for the level of security a lock provides for a property not only to ensure that your property is less likely to become a target for burglars but also to ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to make sure that your home and the valuables in it are as secure as they can be.

This is why our team at Locks and Keys have put together this guide on what insurance grade locks actually are.

Door Locks

First things first you need to check your locks and find out if they meet insurers minimum requirements, to do this you need to look for the BS3621 kite mark. For wooden doors this should be located either on the face plate of the lock or on the front barrel, this often depends on whether you lock is a deadlock or a rim deadlock. If when you have checked your locks you find they don’t meet insurers minimum requirements, then you should call out a locksmith to come and upgrade the locks as soon as possible.

If your doors are uPVC then it is likely that your current locks will meet your insurers minimum requirements. However, the locks that come supplied with uPVC doors. Particularly older doors are not always the best when it comes to security. This is due to a new method used by burglars to gain entry to a property called lock snapping. Lock snapping is a very quick and easy way for a burglar to gain entry to a property and it is locks supplied with uPVC doors that are particularly susceptible to this. Fortunately, the industry has put their heads together and came up with a solution to this and have produced snap safe locks that are specifically designed to stop potential burglars from being able to used this method to gain entry to your home. So, if you do not already have snap safe locks installed at your property then it is is worth giving your local locksmith a call to come and supply and fit one for you. This way you will be safe in the knowledge that your property is as secure as it can be.

Window Locks

If you do not require the use of a key or special tool to open your window from the inside of your property, or your windows do not have locks installed at all then this need addressing. This is not only to make it harder for burglars to get in through your windows but also to stop burglars from having an easy exit route from your property as well. For example, it is much easier for a burglar to get away with more of your valuables through a large open window than it is through their point of entry such as a smashed window.

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For more information on having new insurance grade locks installed visit our Anti-Snap Locks page: