uPVC door locksmiths in Gloucestershire

Whether your door is difficult to open, close, lock or unlock, we can help.

uPVC door adjustment
Often when a door is stiff to lock, it is usually a case of adjusting the door slightly to get the lock working smoothly again.
uPVC doors often drop slightly on the opening edge of the door due to the weight of the glass in the door.

We can quickly adjust the door to get it working properly again.

uPVC door lock repair
If the door fails to lock, even trying it in the open position, then it would probably require a new gearbox to be fitted to the locking system of the door.

uPVC door lock replacement
We can replace the key lock (euro cylinder) and can cut extra keys if required. These euro cylinders can also conform to British Standards (something most insurance companies like).

uPVC door handles
We carry a full range of handles in different sizes, styles and colours (brass, white, chrome & black).
We get asked to repair handles on uPVC doors, but it’s usually a matter of replacing them – or the spindle that connects them to the locking system.

We also stock the LockLock handles that are British Standard approved, adding extra security to the door.
You could have handles that may be drooping down and not returning back to their horizontal position as they used to do.
This can sometimes be rectified with new spring packs that go inside some handles – otherwise we can just replace the handles to fix the fault.

Locked doors opened and fixed

If you have a door that won’t unlock, we’re here to help rectify the fault for you.

Sometimes these locking systems fail in the locked position, so even with a key you can’t unlock the door. We can come and unlock the door and replace the failed gearbox part of the locking system to get the door working like new again.

The benefits of uPVC doors

You don’t have to paint it every 4 or 5 years as you had to with a wooden doors and frames.
A quick wipe over with a damp cloth keeps it looking great.
The doors last for many years.
The doors have good weather sealing, keeping the wind and rain out.
They have good insulation as the panels are packed with high density foam.
More durable than wooden doors and frames, so they don’t rot or warp in bad weather.
uPVC windows are in fact an inexpensive option when compared to aluminium and wooden frames.
Available in a range of colours and finishes, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home.

Yale British Standard 1* euro cylinder
Versa Euro Cylinder
Mila British Standard 1* euro cylinder lock
Handles for uPVC doors

These are amazing handles and come in a variety of different options.
They can supply standard sized / shaped handles but they also sell some interesting types – and they are all British Standards approved.

For example:
They supply handles with no euro cylinder cut out for the external facing handle in the event you don’t ever come in to the property through this door, we can remove the ability to compromise the lock on the outside of the door.

We stock these handles and can fit them for you. Click here for further information

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