We replaced these Unican 7104 code locks as the existing locks had been highly used and were worn out, making them problematic when changing the code as some of the digits were temperamental – sometimes engaging properly and other times, not being able to be entered as part of the code. Some of these locks were starting to fall to pieces, the knob that retracts the latch was very loose and when it was removed it is easy to see that it is broken.

Replacing them for new resolved this issue and new codes were very easily set.

These locks are medium duty which means that they put up with quite a lot of use – door being unlocked, but there are higher use locks available although the heavy duty locks are larger in size.

These locks come in lots of different finishes, but these ones we replaced are just satin finish.

The code is changed by first entering the existing code, then tuning a screwdriver slot on the other side of the door, then clearing the code and inputting a new code and unlocking the door. This removes the old code and sets the new code in to the lock. It is possible to use this lock with no code although I don’t see the point in having the lock if it is set up like that.

You can set up to 5 numbers as a new code as that is the amount of buttons on the front of the code lock. You could have it working with just one button press, or you can set it up to have to press two buttons at the same time which makes it more difficult for someone to guess the code.