Simple code change on Unican 1000 code lock.

This model of lock is used in many banks as it provides high security and endures a hard life easily. It is a heavy duty code lock which easily handles lots of pedestrian traffic entering the code again and again.

It has the option of coming with a key over-ride facility to allow access through the door without the need for the code, but by use of the key.

To change the code on these locks, you first need to enter the existing code in to the lock and then using the code change key, remove the key lock part on the other side of the door. With this small lock removed turn the internal part with the supplied metal part and then clear the entered code and enter a new code and unlock the door.

I wrote a blog post on the smaller medium duty code lock a short while ago – here is a link to that blog post.

Unican 1000 installation instructions

Unican 1000 code lock side 2
Unican 1000 code lock