19th August 2020

Euro Cylinders for uPVC and Composite Doors in Gloucester


Below we have  listed the top 5 reasons for requiring the services of a locksmith.  Locksmiths can help you with any lock related incident.

As we all know there is no worse feeling than misplacing or losing your keys. Or when you walk out of the house for a few seconds and the door closes behind you!

Here, Keys & Locks have listed the topmost common reasons for needing help and professional advice from qualified locksmiths in the Gloucestershire area.


1. Lost, Stolen and Broken Keys

Everyone will have lost a set of keys in their lifetime.  You go to get something out of your pocket and your keys fall out without you knowing.

Or you may experience having your keys stolen or become a victim of a pick pocket. As awful as this is to deal with, it does happen, and if this person knows you and knows where you live, this is an easy target for them. If this does happen then you need to call an emergency locksmith out as soon as possible to replace your locks and re secure your property.

Broken keys are common as they can become weak with age which puts your key at risk of snapping off in the lock mechanism. A qualified locksmith would be able to remove the broken key and replace it with a new one. A lot of the time the lock can be repaired instead of changing it altogether. Your locksmith should be able to advise you on this.  We do not recommend trying to remove the broken key yourself though as you could cause more damage to your door lock.


2. Locked out

Locking yourself out of your property is easily done. You may have gone to put the rubbish in the bin and the door has shut behind you.  Or you forgot to pick your keys up altogether and left the house.  Whatever the reason, this is extremely frustrating and stressful.

By choosing a qualified locksmith to help you gain access to your property, again, he should be able to access your property without causing damage to your existing lock.  If this is not possible then they would change your locks and fit a new lock altogether.

If you try to gain access yourself, then you may cause more damage than necessary which could cost you in the long run. Please contact Locks & Keys emergency locksmith to help you get access to your home again safely.


3. Upgrading Existing Locks

People choose to upgrade their locks to improve the security of their home, so they know they have the best system in place.  Other people upgrade their locks because this is a requirement from their insurance company as some insurance companies stipulate that you to have a certain lock type fitted to British Standard.

Locks must be to BS3621 or TS007 British standard for certain insurance companies to cover you.  You should always check the small print of your home insurance as you may not be covered with the locks you have in place now.  A locksmith would be able to give you the best advice regarding British Standard locks.


4. Moved to A New House

If you have moved into a new property, then we would highly recommended that you change the door locks. You never know how many keys the previous owners had and if they passed those keys on to neighbours or family members and friends.

So, the reality is that you are leaving yourself wide open to complete strangers letting themselves into your property.  You might think this would never happen, but it has! Our advice is to contact Locks & Keys locksmith as soon as you move into your property.   This way you will have peace of mind knowing that you have the only set of keys to your new home.


5. Victim of a Burglary

Burglaries are all too common these days. Unfortunately, at least one of our calls per day are burglary related.  This is a horrible experience to have to go through but what you need to focus on is securing your home again and replacing any damaged locks straight away.  It may be worth having a chat with your locksmith about the locks that have been broken.   He will advise you on upgrading your old locks to a more secure anti snap lock.   This could prevent any other burglary attempts on your property.

If you would like help with any of the above, then contact Locks & Keys Locksmiths today 01452 346474