We were asked to replace the locks at this address as a set of keys had been lost. I replaced the locks on the external doors of the house and was asked if we could do the same with the gate lock. I chose to re-key the gate locks, making sure that the existing key doesn’t work anymore, and then cut some additional keys for the customer.

I took some photos of the lock as it isn’t often we come across this lock here.

This lock has a seperate lock body on the internal side of the gate and on the external side of the gate. Both locks had to be removed from their respective sides of the gate, then stripped down in order to re-key them.

Gate lock from in the garden
External part of the gate lock removed from the frame
Internal part of the gate lock face on
Long tail on the lock cylinder
External part of the gate lock
Lock cylinder
Internal side with the gate closed
Internal side of the gate locks removed from the frame
Lock cylinder face on
External side of the gate