Security Upgrades: Winter Home Security Advice

18th November 2020


Regardless of how many security measures you have at your property there is always room for improvements and the best way to achieve this to do some basic security upgrades. Burglars are always figuring out new ways to gain entry to your home, in turn the security is continuously coming up with innovative new ways to keep the burglars at bay. By keeping up to date with what security upgrades are available you can keep your property as safe and secure as it can possibly be.

It is no secret that the number of break-ins spike during the winter months, this is mainly due to the dare nights and burglars using the cover of darkness to give them an extra advantage of getting in and out of a property un-noticed. This is why our team at Locks & Keys have put together a few tips on security improvements you can make to ensure your home stays safe and secure this winter.

Window and Door Locks – This may seem obvious, but it really is alarming how many people neglect this most basic of security measures. Keep all windows and doors locked when not in use, even when you are inside your property, this goes for upper floor windows as well. Burglars are opportunistic so if they see an open door or window, they will see a good opportunity to get in and out of your property with as much as they can.

Install a Safe – If you don’t already have a safe then it is highly recommended you have one installed, this is a great way to store jewellery, ID, and sensitive and personal information. It is important you thoroughly consider where to have your safe installed, it should be out of the way in an inconspicuous place, so it is not immediately obvious you have a safe. You may also find that your insurance premiums go down once you have a safe installed.

Timed Lights – Lights set to timers to come on when your property are vacant are a huge deterrent to burglars as it creates the impression someone is home making it a less appealing target. However, you do need to be mindful when you do this that the blinds or curtains remain closed. This will prevent any potential burglars having a good view of your properties layout and what is in it!

Never Hide Keys – You never know if a burglar is in your area scoping out good houses to target, this is why you should never hide key to your home outside your property, not only could a burglar spot you hiding the key but they already know where to look to potentially find a hidden key! Make sure everyone that needs a key to your property has one, and where this is not possible leave a spare with a trusted neighbour.

Security Alarms – These are a great security upgrade, not only are they a huge deterrent to burglars, but should they gain entry to your property the certainly wont sick around for long once the alarm is triggered. These days there are so many security alarms available that you can be sure to find one that suits both your needs and your budget.

Well Lit Doorways – The last winter security upgrades tip we have for you is to keep all external doors well lit. Motion sensor lights are ideal for this, they will automatically turn on when someone is approaching the property. These are a massive deterrent to burglars as not only do they remove the cover of darkness, but they also draw a lot of attention to the property when triggered.

If you need help choosing the right security upgrades for your property or you know what security upgrades you would like and need help installing them correctly then contact Locks & Keys today – 01452 346474