Saracen Window Locking Mechanism Locks Replaced in Hucclecote

We went out to a customer in Hucclecote as they couldn’t open an upstairs bedroom window anymore as the mechanism had failed.

We have replaced absolutely loads of these types of Saracen gearbox parts for window mechanisms. There are many different styles, but essentially they all do the same type of job. They all transfer the turning motion from the window handle to either lock or unlock the window – either with shoot bolts or rollers etc.

As with most things parts like this Saracen gearbox wear out and need to be replaced from time to time. All window locking systems could do with some lubricant from time to time as they wear out a lot faster when they are dry as it’s then just metal rubbing against metal.

Some of these windows are fun to open when this part has failed and on occasion we’ve had to remove the beading holding the glass in place, then remove the glass to get more movement from the uPVC window to get the window open before being able to replace the parts.

Top of the Saracen gearbox locking mechanism
Face of the Saracen gearbox locking mechanism
Side of the Saracen gearbox locking mechanism
Back of the Saracen gearbox locking mechanism