Jon Drake does all of our safe and vault work.
If you have a question about anything to do with safes,
please call Jon on 07931 326036

Trained and qualified safe & vault engineers in Gloucestershire

Trust the experts in safes and their common problems by coming to us with any safe & vault issues. From our base, in Gloucester, our safe engineers travel up and down the country to work with banks, high street shops, and safe manufacturers, providing their professional and knowledgeable advice when it comes to problems and faults. We carry a massive range of safe key blanks, detachable key bits & key stems to be able to duplicate a safe key if required. We can re-key a safe lock to give it a new key identity or replace the lock if it is failing. We carry a large stock of spares, so if you need to know if we have something in stock, just give us a call or send us a message using the form below.

A trained specialist

Jon Drake is the safe engineer, and he is an active member of SAVTA (Safe and Vault Technicians of America) and a keen member of  the Master Locksmiths Association who has dedicated many years in the training of fellow Master Locksmiths. He is also the President of UK Safe & Vault. Jon is not a ‘standard’ locksmith working with household locks; he only works with safes and vaults.

We are true specialists in this field, with a long proven track record of safe and vault engineering across the world.

We are continually investing in the latest technology to keep at the forefront of our profession.

Additional security

Within safes, there are often additional locking devices that keep your safe secure without your knowledge. These protect against someone putting an incorrect key in and hammering it to try and remove the lock, as this would cause a live AED to fire, blocking the bolt work. As well as live AEDs, there are dead AEDs, and these never move until someone tries to attack the safe with force. This can be heat-related, such as using a welding torch to melt a weak point, which, in turn, fires extra blocking pins into the bolt work around the inside of your safe. These pins can also trigger if someone attempts to drill the front of the safe to compromise the safe lock. This can break a protective glass plate protecting the lock and set the additional locking pins in to the bolt work inside the safe.



For diagnosing faults, we have a vast array of rigid and flexi scopes to look into keyways. This helps us to take a look around and get started on an in depth diagnosis, and often holds the answers to many questions. What’s more, we also carry every major brand of safe lock with varying lengths of keys and stems with detachable key sections. On top of that, we also carry various electronic locks that can be programmed in place of a key or mechanical combination lock.

Electronic locks

This is very useful when wanting the safe to only be unlocked in certain time windows (ie not through the night etc). Electronic locks can also be programmed to require two different users to unlock the safe, or it can be set up to have a time delay of 10 minutes for example between entering your code the first time and when the timer ends entering it again to gain access to the contents of the safe. You can view a log file to see which user unlocked the safe at a particular time etc. There are many other options available when using electronic safe locks and can be considered far more secure than just having a key.

Any questions? Got an issue with a safe?

Whatever question you have about safes or vaults, send us a message and we’ll get back to you quickly.

If you would like a quote for opening a safe, we may need to know additional details – like colour?, size?, how many key locks? / combinations?
It is useful to get a photograph of the safe sent to us, so that we can identify the make, model and grade of the safe before giving you a quote.

Send us a message about anything to do with safes. Some problems can be rectified over the phone – others may need a site visit.
We’re happy to give you a quote for any work, and then leave it up to you to book us in to come and look at the safe at a time and date to suit you – if that’s what you decide to do.

You can call Jon Drake on 07931 326036 but if he is busy working on a safe if in a cellar somewhere, he may need to call you back. So, if the call goes through to voicemail, please leave a message and we will return it when we’re away from the job we’re doing.

Jon Drake
07931 326036