This was the most corroded window gearbox part of the window locking system I’ve ever come across. The spindle on the back of the handle that drives this was rusted right through and came away from the window without needing to undo the fixing bolts that usually hold the handle on as they were rusted through too!

I’ve come across many slightly corroded window locking systems – especially in bathrooms where there is high humidity, but this one was far beyond the standard light corrosion.

This time I didn’t have an identical size replacement gearbox part for the window locking system on the van, so had to order it and return to replace it. This was a simple fix – now that the failed part was out of the window.

This seems to be a discontinued part, but I was lucky enough to find 5 left at the suppliers, so I bought all of them. They said that they can’t get them anymore, so thought I’d better buy them while I can!

Failed window gearbox part of the window locking system
Failed window lock and the new replacement