We were asked to look at a lock that wasn’t working properly on a roller shutter in Stroud, Gloucestershire. The key is supposed to work turning it either direction, but on one of the locks it didn’t fully retract the latching part of the lock fully when turning the key clockwise. They have two of these roller shutter bullet locks – the other lock still works fine. These locks wear as they often get thrown on the floor when removed from the shutter housings when staff open a shop in the morning – sometimes left to lie in a puddle of water or kicked around and dust and dirt can enter the keyway as the are on the floor.

We replaced both of these locks with a keyed alike pair (any of the supplied keys works both locks).

The old locks can’t be economically repaired, and there is no point leaving them in service as they will only get worse.

Even if you take care of these locks when removing them from their housings and place them somewhere safe, they still have a hard life as a roller shutter rarely has a porch covering etc, so the locks are in the wind and the rain – out in the elements with no protection.

A quick job, but thought I’d share it with you.

The face of the roller shutter bullet lock
Roller shutter bullet lock
Roller shutter bullet lock 2
Roller shutter bullet lock in housing

The replacement locks – both keyed alike

Two new roller shutter bullet locks
Both locks are keyed alike