Replacement Mila Gearbox Lock Mechanism in Barnwood

I was called out to investigate a fault with the full length locking system on the front door of a property in Barnwood as the handles just spin completely round without locking or unlocking the door.
I replaced the failed ‘gearbox’ part of the full length locking system as the square hole that receives the 8mm square spindle from the handles was broken and not able to move when the handles were lifted or pressed down.

Door lock fixed – happy customer. It was a simple fix, this is a common gearbox part for locking systems. It was a Mila lock. We had some problems with Mila a year ago where we fitted 4 different replacement Mila gearboxes to a door to find that none of them worked!
What ever the issue was with them they seem to have fixed the issue now and all Mila gearboxes we have fitted subsequently have worked without problem. They must have had a manufacturing issue or quality control problem at the Mila factory.

See some photos below.