I went to the MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) show that was on over this last weekend 4th – 6th October 2019 and was given a Mul-T-Lock 3DS euro cylinder while visiting the Mul-T-Lock stand.

When I got back home I sat on the settee and picked it open – as you do when you get a new lock you haven’t had in your hand before.

I picked the EXT (external) side of the lock obviously, just in case this was more difficult – as you wouldn’t be picking the inside part of the lock typically.

Just thought I’d post it to show people that it’s possible to do.

It didn’t feel like a Mul-T-Lock when picking it. There are no pin in pin within the cylinder and I didn’t feel any serrated driver pins while picking it.

Usually this manufacturer has very very difficult cylinders to pick, but this was OK – Not saying it was easy, but not what I expected.

Mul-T-Lock 3DS euro lock picked open
Mul-T-Lock 3DS euro lock