Most euro cylinder locks are not secure. These can be snapped and then the cam in the centre of the lock can be turned and then the door is unlocked.

We have been to many many properties where this has happened and car keys have been stolen etc.
To stop this from happening a British Standard euro cylinder lock needs to be fitted. This type of lock has anti-snap sections on it. These essentially are weaker areas of the euro lock that break off if someone tries to snap it and stops it from being snapped where the weak point of the lock usually is.

To be sure that any euro lock you have is secure, check to see if you have the British Standard kitemark on the cylinder. If you have it, you know it meets a better specification and will have resistance to being snapped.

If you want a price for replacing any euro cylinders with a British Standard euro lock, give us a call.
If you are changing any euro locks, maybe you’d like them on the same key. There are a few options.

Snapped euro cylinder lock half
Snapped euro cylinder lock face

Here are some photos of a British Standard euro lock with better security. It has a sacrificial cut around it making it weaker, which in turn makes it stronger as it will break off if being attacked.

British Standard euro lock
BS euro lock
BS euro lock
BS euro lock