Master keys & Master keying locks

Master keying locks

I love creating master suites and master keying cylinders. I really enjoy the fiddly task of building the cylinders with many master pins so that it will only work with the desired keys; and it gives such a sense of accomplishment when totally completed.

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I’ve made loads of master suites over the years and I suppose the first question that needs to be answered before the design stage of the master suite has to be:
Do you want the keys to be easily duplicated at a local key cutting shop – or do you want it on a restricted key section so that the end users (tenants of a property usually) can’t get extra keys without your knowledge?
If you let a property for example, when the tenant vacates that property and hands the key back to you, you can be totally at rest knowing that there is no way that they still have any extra keys because you are the only person with the say on whether that key gets duplicated or not.

I’ve made these master suites most often for multi occupancy buildings – whether that’s a house with a few rooms being let individually or a large apartment block.
It’s very clever how it works as each tenant only ever needs just one key to access the communal entrance door and that same key will open that persons flat / room / bedsit etc and only that room. The person in the room next to theirs just has one key that will also work the communal entrance door and only the room that they live in and no other room. And so on…
You on the other hand have one key that will open every room. You could have a key for a cleaner that will only open the front door and no other room (or a cleaners cupboard as well). A contractor going in to the property just has a key that will only work the front door lock.

It can start to get a bit more complicated by adding another building. The GMK (Grand Masker Key) will open every building you own. There is another master key that will open every door in one building but not in another building etc.

There are further steps we could take with side access gates being on another key – or working on all the tenants keys – all totally configurable.