Master keying locks – Today I had about 30 locks to pin up to different sets of keys. These were for two different customers – one customer needed some locks to work all on the same key and the other customer has an existing master suite of locks and he required some extra locks adding to that suite.
The quickest and most simplistic is just to make the locks work on the same key.
When master keying the locks they have the potential to work from a variety of keys. We always want the master key to operate every lock for that site, but the other keys may not need to operate particular locks.

I really enjoy designing master suites and then building the locks. It gives me a sense of achievement when the lock is built to see that it works with only the desired keys.

On top of this, a lot of the locks we build are on restricted key sections which means you can’t just go anywhere to get the key cut. We have a few key sections registered to us, so we are the only people who are able to obtain that specific key blank required for the key to be duplicated on to. This makes the lock far more secure – for instance if you let out a property or a room in your property and gave the key to the tenant. When that tenant leaves and gives you the key back, you know beyond any doubt that they have not duplicated this key, and therefore they don’t have a key to the property anymore.