How To Improve Security Measures For Your Business?

23rd July 2020

business security

A break-in at a business is not only devastating but can also be quite costly for the business owner. It is not only loss of merchandise that has to be taken into consideration, it is also any damage that has been cause by the intruders, smashed windows, broken locks and doors and other such problems.

This is why our team at Locks & Keys felt it necessary to share with business owners some helpful tips on how they can better improve their business security measures in order to help prevent them falling victim to a break-in.

Conduct A Risk Assessment

When having a risk assessment at your business it is always best to call in a professional in order to ensure that all possible vulnerabilities are pointed out as there may be some that you yourself would never have even considered. By having a rick assessment done by a professional you will be able to identify any weak spots you have in your business security measures and put a plan in place to improve them in order to best protect your business from unwanted intruders.

Below you will find some of the common security improvement tips that often come up on a business risk assessment.

Tips To Improve Business Security

Replace and Upgrade Locks – If your locks are damaged, old or do not meet the current British Standard BS3621 then it is likely that you will be advised to have your locks replaced and even upgraded to more secure insurance compliant locks.

Window Locks – If your windows don’t currently have locks then it will definitely be recommended that you have locks installed on them this can involve changing the handles to ones with locks already integrated within them or having locks installed on your existing window handles. Also, dependent on the location of your windows some other security measures may be advised to use alongside window locks.

Cabinet Locks – Any cabinets or cupboards or draws at your business premises that contain sensitive information, valuables or medication should have locks installed on them.

Restricted Key System – This system works by you as the business owner having the only copy of the key to the business that will have its own code. This code will be needed to make duplicates so should you need more copies of the key only you yourself will be able to make them. This allows you to control exactly how many copies of the key there are to your business and how has access to them so you can ensure that no keys are lost or stolen, and if they are you will know to take the necessary precautions to secure the premises once again.

Take Advantage Of Technology

These days technology is on the rise and it keeps improving year upon year, so why not take advantage of it to better secure your business? Below we have a few examples of some of the technologies that could work well at improving the security measures at your business.

Smart Locks – These locks work really well at a business premises and have many benefits, some of the main benefits include, the ability to grant access from a distance and being able to monitor when a door has been unlocked, and who it was that unlocked it.

HD CCTV – High Definition CCTV allows you to monitor your business remotely from anywhere via a laptop or smartphone, it is also a huge deterrent for burglars in the first place and also works well at deterring vandalism and trespassing. The HD images that it records also offer a huge aid to a police investigation should the worst happen and can go a long way to catching the intruder and even retrieving stolen goods.

Security Alarms – These are another good way to deter burglars in the first instance, it is advised that you display clear signage stating that alarms are in use so that people are aware that they are active.

If you need help or advice in order to better secure your business, then contact Locks & Keys today – 01452 346474