We’ve opened many gun safes / cabinets over the years and either replaced the locks with stock we carry on the van or made new keys for the existing locks while onsite. Most gun cabinets can be picked open fairly easily and re-keyed with a new key identity or replacement of the lock. In most cases there is no need to drill holes or damage the gun safe or cabinet in any way. The only reason this may possibly be needed is if the bolt work has fallen apart and is now jamming the bolt from retracting back or the door from opening. Most calls to these safes are from people who have lost the keys, and it is then easy to pick the lock open.

We have most locks in stock and can cut extra keys on the back of the van. Whatever your problem with a gun safe or cabinet, give us a call and we’ll resolve any issues.

We don’t stock or supply the actual safes. Many shotgun cabinets etc have to be police approved and securely bolted to a brick wall or floor.