Garrison British Standard Euro Locks Re-Keyed in Abbeydale

We went to a customers house in Abbeydale to replace the locks on all doors as a set of keys had been stolen.
When looking at the locks we were told that these locks all work from one key, and upon taking the locks out of the doors noticed that they were Garrison British Standard euro locks. Garrison locks are made and sold by Mul-T-Lock – a quality lock company. I don’t come across many Garrison locks that are British Standard – usually they are fairly good locks, but these were far better as they were anti-snap with the BS kitemark etc.

I re-keyed these instead of charging the customer more money for replacing them with something similar – it’s far cheaper to re-key a decent lock than replace it. I gave it a new key identity and cut an extra key for them and re-pinned the euro cylinders.

Re-fitted them to the doors and the customer is very happy with the outcome.

Garrison plug viewed end on
Garrison pinning kit
Garrison keys
Garrison British Standard euro locks
Garrison British Standard euro lock with new key
Garrison British Standard euro lock
Garrison plug being re-pinned
Garrison plug being re-pinned with the key inserted