We were asked to unlock a garage door and make new keys for it after they had been mislaid somewhere in the house.
The owner wanted it to be on the same key, so if the keys turned up again sometime soon they would have extra keys for it. They don’t think that they have been taken etc, so believe that there are no security issues. The make of door lock on this garage door was a Garador. Essentially after a few hiccups I made some garage door lock keys made by impressioning them…

I removed the external handle from the garage door as I was going to take the lock apart to easily make a key to it, but when I had it in my hand I realised on this particular model the lock is riveted together, so it can’t be dis-assembled easily… S I impressioned a key to work the lock and made another copy of it on the key machine so that they would have two keys for the door lock.

To impression a key for a lock you first need the correct key blank and then it is moved left right, up & down in the lock and the internal components of the lock leaves marks on the key. After a while I had a working key, it just didn’t look like a symmetrical key. So I carried on adding cuts to the key and then made the additional cuts on the other side to make it symmetrical. After impressioning the key I cut a new key to code to have a perfect factory cut key.