Front Door Security Improvements

22nd January 2020

front door security

Falling victim to break in is something that no one wants to experience. It can be a very traumatic experience and the effects of a break in can have a lasting effect long after the ordeal is over. This is why our team at Locks & Keys have put together this helpful guide on security improvements you can make to improve the overall security of your front door and help better protect you from potential break ins.

Lock Upgrades

Having a high-quality secure lock on your front door is one of the best security measures you can put in place to help protect your home from burglaries. You should check your current locks to see if they are in good working order, if they are old, damaged or low quality then you could be leaving your home vulnerable to a break in.

If your lock shows signs of damage or wear and tear or doesn’t meet BS3621 or TS007 for a uPVC door then you definitely need to have the locks upgraded. This will not only ensure that your home is more secure than it was before, but it could also reduce your insurance premiums as the new locks you have installed will be insurance approved.

Unfortunately, millions of homeowners across the UK have locks that are below their insurer’s minimum standards and many people don’t realise that in some cases if you fall victim to a break in and your locks don’t conform to insurers minimum requirements most insurers wont pay out for claims as your locks don’t conform to their regulations.

Check Door Frame and Door Strength

You could have the best lock on the market fitted to your front door but if your door frame is not strong enough then the lock isn’t going to be much use.

You can reinforce a wooden door with a strike plate. This is a metal plate that is drilled into the studs using long screws. You can pick up a strike plate from most DIY shops, however if you don’t feel confident in your DIY skills you should give your local locksmith a call to come and install one for you, this way you will know it is properly installed and will work to its full potential.

You should also check that your door frame is tightly screwed down, as a loose door frame leaves your door vulnerable to being kicked off the hinges drastically reducing the overall security of the door. Your frame can also be reinforced by using hinge bolts. Hinge bolts have been specifically designed to stop door from being kicked off their hinges.

Install A Deadbolt

A deadbolt is a significant security improvement for your door. There are a huge range of dead bolts to choose from all with varying ranges of security, they also have to be fitted correctly to ensure that they work to their full potential. A dead bolt should extend deep into the door frame in order to stop it being forced open. It might be worth having a chat with your local locksmith to help you decide what deadbolt will provide your front door the most security and they will also be able to supply and fit it for you so you can be sure it is properly installed and will work to its full potential.

If you are interested in implementing any of the above security measures or would like to find out other ways in which you can improve your home security then contact Locks & Keys today – 01452 346474