How can I pay?

We accept a few different ways to pay.
You can pay by cash, card or bank transfer.

Out of those payment methods we prefer card, but whatever is easiest for you.

We can also write a written receipt for your records.

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Do you accept card payments?

We accept card payments and prefer this method of payment.
We don’t charge any extra for paying by card and you get a card receipt for the card machine.
We can also write a written receipt for your records.

It is also possible to take […]

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Can I call you at any time?

We are 24 hour. We will always answer the phone – even in the middle of the night.
We are here to provide a service to the residents of Gloucestershire and sometimes that means attending jobs in the early hours of the morning.
If you need our help and advice at any […]

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Is the quoted price valid for a long time?

Any price quoted is valid for six months. After six months we would have to check to see if we are now being charged more for the parts needed within the quoted work description.
Our suppliers seem to be increasing prices regularly as the cost of metal […]

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Is a quotation free?

We provide free quotes anywhere within Gloucestershire.
We’re happy to provide no obligation quotes, giving you the freedom to compare our quote, ask us questions and read our reviews etc.

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