Failed WinkHaus Locking System on a uPVC Front Door in Quedgeley

Failed locking system on a uPVC front door in Quedgeley. We attended an address in the early hours of the morning to a failed locking system which had failed in the locked position with the door closed unfortunately… Once we’d opened the door (quietly so the neighbours didn’t get woken up!) we replaced the failed locking system part (the gearbox that does all the work). It was a WinkHaus lock (German made). These gearboxes get riveted to the full length locking system making it more difficult to replace. We removed the broken part and re-riveted a new one back in it’s place and put it back in to the door where it works perfectly.

These locking systems are also fitted to composite doors (wooden) – you still have to lift the handle up to lock the door.

We come across a huge amount of different makes of locking system (some of the makes have a dozen or so different sized gearboxes – or a mixture of a bolt or a hook that gets thrown from it etc), but we carry at least 70+ different ones on the van to replace them quickly for the customer – as they obviously need a secure door.

Any problems with any door locks, give us a call.

Failed WinkHaus locking system
Failed WinkHaus lock
Failed WinkHaus locking system gearbox