We were asked to look at a front door in Longlevens that wasn’t always locking and was difficult to close. It was a wooden door and it had an ERA nightlatch fitted to it.

When closing the door it touched the frame at the top right and the latch didn’t often go in to the keep on the door frame. There were two screws missing from both hinges and the top hinge was loose. When we tightened this up and fitted the extra screws that were missing the door didn’t touch the frame when it closed, so that was the first part fixed.

The door edge had gauges in the wood work, this had come from the screws that were loose on the keep on the frame. They had come out of the frame and were now embedding themselves in the door every time it closed. Looking at the keep on the door frame there was a screw missing from here too. We re-aligned the keep so that it would be in the right place and fitted the screws in to it properly.

The ERA nightlatch part fitted to the door itself was also loose, so we removed it from the door, lightly greased it to make it smooth to use again and re-fitted it to the door.

This lock now works very well and the customer is very happy.

ERA nightlatch
Loose hinge with two screws missing
ERA nightlatch keep on door frame
ERA nightlatch keep on door frame