Do You Need A Door Lock Replacing?

22nd June 2020

lock replacing

There are many reasons you might want to replace a door lock and whatever the reason, a locksmith can get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you have lost your keys, locked yourself out of your home, moved to a new property and want to replace locks for security, or your door lock is broken. To have a replacement lock fitted by your locksmith you will need to know what kind of door and lock you are dealing with. Here are the main locks typically used for main doors of your house or other properties.


Wooden Door Locks


The main two locks used for wooden doors are Cylinder rim locks and Mortice locks which are know as Yale locks. These types of lock can be replaced or repaired by the locksmith. If the cylinder inside the lock housing is damaged but the main housing is in good working order it could be that just the cylinder needs replacing. Having this part replaced means that you could be provided with a new set of keys for the new cylinder without having to replace the whole lock. The locksmith will try to fix the lock and if that is not possible the entire lock can be replaced with a secure suitable mortice locks to suit your needs. For insurance purpose it is better to have a five lever mortice lock that conforms to BS3621. A locksmith will always advise that you have a BS approved lock five lever lock fitted for your security and insurance protection.


UPVC Door Locks


Locks on uPVC doors come in a variety of types and sizes and are known as multi-point locks. The amount of locking points can vary from lock to lock. You might have a problem where the door will not lock or unlock and in some cases this is because the door is slightly out of alignment as a result of expansion or contraction of the uPVC material. In many cases the door might just need to be aligned to fix the door lock. Sometimes the parts in a uPVC door lock can be damaged through wear and tear which will cause problems that the locksmith can correct.


Multi-point locks are also commonly used on patio doors. If a new lock is required for your uPVC door your locksmith can advise what type of lock is needed and fit a new lock on your door with a new set of keys.


Aluminium Door Locks


Aluminum doors locks can become problematic with age and might need adjusting or replacing. If you find that your aluminium door or door lock is not working as good as it should be or you find that you have to rattle around with the lock that seems broken or loose, does not necessarily mean that the whole lock needs replacing. Your locksmith will assess the door with the aim of repairing the door lock before suggesting a new lock replacement.


If you need or think you may need any of your locks changing, or if you would like some advice on choosing new locks then please contact Locks and Keys today on 01452 346474