Chubb Deadlock 3G114 Re-Keyed in Cirencester

We went out to a customer in Cirencester to re-key a Chubb deadlock for them as the keys had been mis-laid.

The Chubb 3G114 is a very well known Chubb deadlock with high precision and reliability going back many years. It has truly stood the test of time. It is secure (British Standards rated), it is easy to use and very easy to strip down, service and re-build.

We re-keyed this Chubb deadlock giving it a new key identity. This stops all previous keys from working in this lock assuring the owner that only the new keys will operate the lock.

The only thing that seems to wear out on some of these locks is the curtain (metalwork that holds the key). These are very quick and easy to replace with new. It didn’t need replacing on this particular lock, so we just replaced the levers and cut some extra keys for the customer.

This is a lot cheaper than replacing the actual Chubb deadlock. The lock was in good working order, so replacing the levers did what the customer needed.

Chubb 3G114 re-keyed
Chubb 3G114 levers