Changing The Locks When You Move Home

19th May 2020

move home

Moving home is often a whirlwind of emotions, excitement, nerves and a lot of stress! This is why one of the most important things to do when you move into a new property often gets overlooked. Having the locks changed at your new property is a vital home security measure that everyone should take seriously, not only for the security of your property as you can never be sure as to how many keys are still in circulation form previous occupants, but it is also often a requirement for insures to offer you cover at your new property as well.

Home Office Statistics

  • When compared to the average burglary rate the chances of being burgled within the first twelve months of moving into a new property are almost double – 4.6% compared to 2.5%
  • When compared to people that have occupied their property for over ten years you are almost three times a likely to get burgled – 4.6% compared to 1.6%
  • Homeowners that have no security measures in place are a massive ten times more likely to get burgled than those that have the simplest of security measures in place such as having window and door locks upgraded – 22.5% compared to 2.5%

Who Has A Key To Your New Home?

Every year 37,500 properties will be occupied by new people, and what is shocking is that most home buyers are completely unaware that at least one set of keys to their new home will still be in circulation form previous occupants.

NOP conducted a survey which revelled that over 58% of Brits hand over a spare set of keys to their home to a friend or relative.

A separate survey carried out by Halifax Home Insurance showed that over twelve million adults have lost their keys, along with ID and address documents and never had the locks at their home changed!

If when you move home, or lose your keys you don’t get the locks changed then you can never be totally sure that your home is secure. You have no way of knowing who has the keys to your home and what their intentions may be. You should also consider the fact that if you do fall victim to a burglary and you never changed the locks at your property when you moved in some insurers will be unwilling to pay out for any claims as in their eyes you haven’t taken the necessary steps to ensure that your home is secure.

If you have your locks changed and even upgraded while you’re at it you will be safe in the knowledge that not only is your home secure but you know exactly who has a copy of the keys to your new home.

Other Reasons To Have Locks Changed

  • Locks Not working Correctly
  • Don’t have easy access out of the home via doors or windows in case of emergency
  • Don’t have all the keys to windows and doors
  • Locks don’t meet BS3621 or TS007

If you are about to move home and the locks need changing or you have been at your property for a while and its time for an upgrade contact Locks & Keys today – 01452 346474