Replacement ‘gearbox’ for full length locking system on composite door

I was called out to investigate a fault with the locking system on the front door of a property as the handles just spin completely round without locking or unlocking the door.
I replaced the failed ‘gearbox’ part of the full length locking system as the square hole that receives the 8mm square spindle from the handles was broken and not able to move when the handles were lifted or pressed down.

See some photos below.

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uPVC door locks

You’d be surprised how many different locks, mechanisms, and full length locking systems we hold in stock to cater for all eventualities.

For example: uPVC doors (& composite doors) use a full length locking system to secure the door in to the door frame. This is controlled by a ‘gearbox’ part in the centre of the full length locking system. We stock many different types of these to be able to repair / replace same day.

Here are a few of the failed locking systems we’ve replaced recently


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