Rusted seized locked window locking system removed and replaced

This was the most corroded window gearbox part of the window locking system I’ve ever come across. The spindle on the back of the handle that drives this was rusted right through and came away from the window without needing to undo the fixing bolts that usually hold […]

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Yale lock replaced and internal handle re-keyed to work with the same key

Yale Lock Replacement and Internal Handle Re-Keyed in Rendcomb, Cirencester

A customer in Rendcomb, near Cirencester called and asked us to replace the Yale cylinder on her side door as some keys had been stolen.

We replaced the external Yale cylinder lock for a new Yale […]

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Surelock McGill high security fire door external locking handle re-keyed

Surelock McGill fire exit crash bars are high security door furniture used by many High Street banks. They offer long life, very good security and are very well made.

We were called to replace the lock on the external side of this fire door as keys had […]

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Saracen window locking mechanism locks replaced

Saracen Window Locking Mechanism Locks Replaced in Hucclecote

We went out to a customer in Hucclecote as they couldn’t open an upstairs bedroom window anymore as the mechanism had failed.

We have replaced absolutely loads of these types of Saracen gearbox parts for window mechanisms. There […]

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Replacement ‘gearbox’ for full length locking system on composite door

Replacement Mila Gearbox Lock Mechanism in Barnwood

I was called out to investigate a fault with the full length locking system on the front door of a property in Barnwood as the handles just spin completely round without locking or unlocking the door.

Customer wants replacement Yale rim cylinder for this lock

Replacement Yale Door Cylinder Lock in Stroud

A customer in Stroud called to say they just need a replacement Yale cylinder on the front of their front door.
Looking at the back of the door they had this Yale (model […]

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Failed lock in aluminium door replaced

Failed Lock in Aluminium Door Replaced in Quedgeley

We were called out to a commercial premises in Quedgeley to replace a failed lock in their main entrance aluminium door. The latch on this lock had disintegrated and other associated parts had fallen out.

Simple mechanical code lock

Mechanical Code Lock Side Gate in Brockworth

Simple mechanical code lock fitted to a side gate in Brockworth today.

These aren’t security locks as such, more just a way of simply preventing access. They are the cheaper versions of code […]

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Failing mortise lock serviced after many years of use

We were asked to make these old Union KYY mortise locks on the shop front door work again, so after stripping them down, cleaning all of the dirt out of them and making new keys, we re-fitted them to the door and they work well. I […]

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Master keying locks

Master keying locks – Today I had about 30 locks to pin up to different sets of keys. These were for two different customers – one customer needed some locks to work all on the same key and the other customer has an existing master suite […]

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