Burglary Victim? What To Do Next

20th March 2020


When you come home or wake up to find that you have been the victim of a burglary there are a lot of emotions to deal with and it might not always be easy to think straight. However, if you do ever find yourself in this situation it is important to try and stay focused and take the necessary steps to get your property back in order as soon as possible. Below you will find a helpful guide put together by our team at Locks & Keys that explains exactly what you should do in the event of a break in.

Ring The Police – The first thing that you need to do is ring the police to report the burglary so they have a record of it. The police will provide you with a unique crime reference number which you should take note of and keep safe as you will need this later to make your insurance claim. If you discover the break in when you are not in your property you should remain outside and not touch anything until the police arrive.

Don’t Touch Anything – Whilst waiting for the police it is important that you do not touch or move anything so that you don’t risk destroying any potential evidence that has been left behind. This is so important as any evidence found by the police can go a long way towards finding the intruders and even recovering stolen goods.

Make A List – When the police give you the go ahead you can start going around your property and making a list of any damaged or stolen goods. Try to be as detailed as possible, including things such as serial numbers and distinctive marks, not only will this help the police identify any stolen items that have been recovered but you will also need to provide this list to your insurance provider when you make your claim.

Call The Bank – You should contact the bank and inform them there has been a burglary. Even if all of your cards are still in your property the thief could have taken a note of the details to make online transactions in the future. The bank will be able to freeze your cards and check for any suspicious activity on the account.

Contact Insurance – Make sure you call your insurance provider within the first 24 hours of the break in so that you can get the ball rolling and your claim can be processed. Your insurance provider will require your unique crime reference number as well as the list you made of damaged and stolen goods.

Secure Your Property – Once the police have finished gathering evidence and give you the go ahead you can finally start getting things back in order. Whilst you are getting cleaned up it is important that you get your property secured once again, so any broken locks will need replacing and windows will need boarding up. These are things that your local emergency locksmith can do for you. Once a locksmith arrives, they will also be able to advise you on any other security measures you can put in place to help prevent you becoming a victim of another break in in the future.

If you have had a break in or would just like advice on security measures you can put in place to help prevent you falling victim to a burglary then contact Locks & Keys today for burglary damage repairs – 01452 346474