Burglaries: 3 Common Entry Points

22nd December 2020


When it comes to upgrading your home security it helps to know what measures are the most important to keep the burglars at bay. This is why our team at Locks & Keys have put together a guide on the 3 most common entry points that burglars use and what you can do to improve their security to help prevent burglaries.

Front Door – The front door to your property is actually the most common point of entry for burglaries with a massive 34% of burglars using your front door to enter your property. Burglars often look out for unlocked door for a quick and easy in and out opportunistic break-in. They will also look around a property for hidden keys, under door mats, plant pots and other places people could hide a spare key! If there is no easy way into your property, they will then resort to using tools to break or bypass the lock, smash glass panels or use brute force.

Tips To Protect Front Door From Burglaries:

  • Always lock the doors, even when you are in the property.
  • Upgrade locks to more secure locks.
  • Ensure your door is sturdy and not made from cheap wood.
  • Use a chain or bolt lock at night.
  • Use a motion sensor light to light up your front door at night if someone is approaching.
  • Install a burglar alarm.

Back doors and Sliding Doors – The second most common entry point is back doors with 22% of break-ins the back or sliding door has been the entry point. This entry point is often used during the night as it is hidden from the street and less chance of being seen by neighbours. Shockingly, it is common for people to leave back doors unlocked as they are not frequently used. Sliding doors are also extremely vulnerable as the lock mechanisms can be opened easily and they are made of glass so if the property is empty it can be smashed to gain entry. Sliding door can also be lifted off their tracks easily even when they are locked!

Tips To Protect Back Doors And Sliding Doors From Burglaries:

  • Always lock doors.
  • Upgrade locks to more secure locks.
  • Have a dowel installed in the tracks of sliding doors.
  • Use a sliding bolt to prevent sliding doors being lifted off the tracks.
  • Have motion sensor lights installed at the back of your property.
  • Install CCTV.

Garage Doors – If you have a garage that is adjoined to your property this is another popular entry point for burglaries. Around 10% of burglars use this method of entry to break-in to your home. Most people assume that if the garage door is locked there is no need to lock the door from your home into the garage. This could not be further from the truth! Garage doors can be very easy to break into so once a burglar has passed this barrier, they have easy access to your home, and they are well hidden from neighbours and passers-by. Not only will burglars have easy access to your home, but they will also have easy access to high value items that are stored in garages such as power tools, bikes, golf clubs etc…

Tips to Protect Garage Doors From Burglaries:

  • Lock garage door and the internal door to your property.
  • Upgrade garage door locks to stronger more secure locks.
  • Ensure garage door is made from a strong material such as metal.

Whatever security measures you already have in place it is worth considering that there is always room for improvement! And burglars are always coming up with new ways to gain entry to homes and businesses, so the security industry is constantly working on new security measures to combat this.

If you would like more advice on how to improve your security measures to help prevent burglaries or would like any of the security measures mentioned above implemented at your home or business then contact Locks & Keys today – 01452 346474