Bespoke Brass Strike Plate Made & Fitted in Southam, Cheltenham

A customer in Southam, Cheltenham asked us to come up with a solution for a larger replacement strike plate on an oak door frame for a standard Yale type latch to lock in to.

We bought a small sheet of 3mm brass plate, then cut and bent it in to shape. This was a lot more difficult than I had imagined it would be. I used the vise in the back of the van, but really had to beat it in to shape. Not sure I’ll be making these regularly as it took a lot of effort to bend it in to shape.

This new larger strike plate had to cover up some historical damage to the frame, that’s why it had to be larger than the badly fitted existing one. It is also a bit different as the door frame is a lot bigger than a standard timer door frame. Usually it is easy to fit the one supplied when fitting a lock, but in this case it was very different. It blends in beautifully with the oak door frame and looks far better than the one it replaced.

Somehow I forgot to take a photo of the finished item attached to the door frame!