A customer called to say he needed a lock replacing on a holiday home that he lets out in Ashton Keynes. When I arrived the door was unlocked, but there was no key for the euro cylinder. I had to pick it to be able to move the cam of the lock slightly to be able to remove it from the door. At this point I got my pick stuck in the lock, but it was picked and able to be removed from the door. I thought I’d take a photo of the lock picked open – even though it still had my pick stuck inside it…

Once it was removed from the door I replaced it with a British Standard 6 pin euro cylinder and cut some extra keys for it.

The AZBE lock body is lovely. It is very strong and made to last forever!

I’ve taken a few photos of the lock body as it has an unusual bolt that comes out of it upon turning the key in the euro lock. You can turn the key two full turns and it shoots bolts vertically in to the top and the bottom of the door frame too, making this a a very secure door.

AZBE locking bolt
AZBE bolt
Euro cylinder replaced in the AZBE lock
AZBE lock case