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Professional and Expert Locksmiths in Gloucester

We Cover the Whole of Gloucestershire, Including Cheltenham, Cirencester, Stroud

Whether you’ve been broken in to, have a failing lock or you’re locked out, we are able to provide you with a rapid and reliable service.
We always offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service in Gloucestershire. We’re a local family run company – Not National.

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Here at Locks & Keys, we provide a number of locksmith services to customers throughout Cheltenham, Cirencester, Stroud and the wider Gloucestershire areas. Backed by more than 20 years experience, we are able to provide a wide range of lock solutions. From gaining entry to properties, lock replacements and key cutting, to security upgrades and repairs. We provide a high-quality service 24 hours a day. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, we have the experience to meet your needs.

Services we provide to other locksmiths:
Creating & building master suites and keying alike locks (open profile or restricted key section).
If you’re stuck and need a part for a customer, give us a call as we have an extensive stock.

We pride ourselves in being your go to one stop shop for all locksmith services in and around Cheltenham an Gloucestershire with quick response times and over 20 years experience we’re sure to be able to help you with any lock issues.

Locks & Keys Fast & Reliable
At Locks & Keys we offer quick response to any lock out or lock problem in the Gloucestershire area. Call us today and come out to you right now or at a time to suit you. Locks & Keys is open and active 24/7 365 days a year so no matter the time it’s always easy to get the locksmith services you require when you require them. What’s more is that we don’t charge VAT so if you need a locksmith in Gloucester, either at work or at the home you know you can call us and we can come out to your property to fix any lock issues. Our prices are competitive and we can be with you right away or at a time to suit you.

Euro cylinders for uPVC and composite doors

This type of door typically requires that you lift the handle before you can turn the key to lock it.
When we replace these locks, we only use anti snap euro cylinders.

If you are replacing your own lock, please check that they are anti-snap cylinders, we say to do this because a common type of break in through these types of doors in the is from a method called lock snapping, with anti snap locks you don’t have to worry about this happening to you!

If you have a pair of patio doors we can make both locks work on the same key for ease of use.
Or make all the euro cylinders – front door, back door etc all work from one key if this is easier for you.

We also supply British Standard euro cylinders which some insurance companies require you to have on external doors.

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Yale British Standard 1* euro cylinder
Versa Euro Cylinder
Mila British Standard 1* euro cylinder lock

Mortise locks explained by Locks & Keys

Security is important. No one can understate that. Unfortunately, it does appear that sometimes people don’t take the matter seriously. There’s no reason anyone should feel they are priced out of protecting their home. It’s therefore disconcerting to note the number of properties we’ve attended in recent times which have been broken into because of a lack of adequate security. This is usually due to the presence of only a nightlatch (Yale type lock) on a wooden front door, instead of the necessary addition of a mortise lock. In fact, the presence of a mortise lock is now a minimum requirement of most home insurance providers and is something we will recommend (for informational value – not a ‘hard sell’ when completing any work.

Mortise locks tend to come in two main varieties. The first is that of the classic deadlock. This is comprised of a keyhole and a bolt. When the key is turned, the bolt either locks or unlocks into the frame of the door. The sash lock is similar but contains a latch and handles. This means that simply unlocking the bolt is not enough to unlock the door. The latch means that the handles must be turned in order to unlock the door. It may seem that the latch provides higher security, but often it is simply a case of which one is the most appropriate for your door.

Mortise locks are comprised of different levers on the inside of the mechanism. Put simply the more levers, the harder that the lock is to pick. Most home insurance providers require a British Standard 5-lever lock as a minimum requirement. This is also the minimum installation standard provided by us for an external door.

Union sashlock British Standards
ERA Deadlock British Standard

Key cutting and more

Whether you’re based in Cheltenham or Stroud, or anywhere in the Gloucestershire area, don’t worry if you need a key cut in a hurry. With our dedicated mobile key cutting service, we’re able to cut most types of keys from the van. We carry over 400 different key blanks. We can cut a duplicate key and test it in the door lock to ensure it works every bit as well at the key you already have. The cost of duplicate keys are less than you’d pay in town and we only use steel key blanks for cylinder keys to ensure extra strength.
We can ‘key alike’ similar locks so one key works all, or even master suite the locks so there are different levels of key to work different locks.

These are some of the key blanks on the van

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Key blanks
Locks & Keys van

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